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Turn Your Mouth Cleaning Experience into a Whole Different Level!

Either brush your teeth or gargle with this Toothpaste Tablets that makes mouth cleaning fresher & whiter than before. 

Thess Whitening Tablets contains Activated Charcoal known to remove teeth stains and bad breath. Easily make foam while chewing and this new way of cleaning will do the job.

Ideal for travel; whether for trips, work or as on-the-go refreshener, its easy totuck in your bags.   

Two Methods of Use:

1. Mouthwash method Take one and put it in your mouth and chew out  rich bubble. Let the foam be in the mouth and teeth 15-30 seconds to spit out, the breath is clean

2. Brushing method Take one and put it in your mouth and chew out  rich bubble. After chewing the foam, gently brush your teeth and tongue fur with a toothbrush. After 2-3 minutes of cleaning, the mouth will be very refreshing.

Note: This product is not edible.

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