Outdoor Camping Survival Multifunction Tactical Pliers

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This tool got you covered anytime.

Multifunction Tactical Pliers is a combined small knife, saw, screwdriver, semi-saw, sharp scraper, sickle, descaler and bottle opener. All-in-one. It has a wide range of uses, powerful functions, and adapts to a variety of wild environments.

Made for heavy duty work, it can withstand strong forces and capable of cutting all kinds of iron, wire and nail. Along with its strong qualities, this Tactical tool is both postable and safe as well with an ergonomic handle that keeps the tools place along with its locking mechanisms that ensures any tool will not budge or dislocate while in use.

The package includes a sturdy nylon bag that can be attached on your belt and keep it handy.

With Survival Multifunction Tactical Pliers, you're ready to face survival days outdoors.

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