New Fitness Sit Up Bar Floor Assistant Stand

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Color: Maroon
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Invest in this Sit Up Bar Equipment to get long-lasting and fast results to develop your whole core. It features a multifunction construction with 4 adjustable gear positions that meet different fitness exercises (push-ups, side kick, sit-ips, elbos plank, etcetera).

Ideal for home use, it also features a 12-cm bottom rubber suction for stability while you work out. If you ever decide to take your physical fitness routine in a different location, you can do so with this equipmment's lightweight, portable and effortless installation features.

Additionally, it's upgraded with ankle support for better muscle resistance and comfort.

  • Strengthen and Firm Your Abdominal Core Muscles Now. Grab this Fitness Sit Up Bar Floor Assistant Stand. (With Available Variants)

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