Silicone Stretch Cover Lids

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Shape: Round
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Seal any containers you want!

Tired of looking for the right cover in your cabinets or you got containers that don't match any available lids?

Made from Flexible Silicone, this stretchable bowl covers adapts to numerous surfaces, materials and shapes. Its capable of perfectly fitting to any oddly shaped containers (even the square ones)

Apart from storing leftovers, it can be used as a cover on pots to retain heat after cooking, for outdoor use to keep food safe and away from bugs, or as a splatter screen in the microwave while reheating.

Tips for easy and effective use, find a silicone stretch lid that's smaller than the bowl. Cover the bowl by holding one side, then stretch the lid to another side to fit the bowl. Make adjustments, until it's fully sealed.


Material: Food Grade Silicone

Colors: Blue, White

Heat Resistance: 22℉ - 450 ℉

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