Shape Up Booty Bands

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Color: Purple
Size: Extra Large
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Planning to Shape Up over this period?

Here's a perfect partner to effectively get results and shape up parts of your body. This resistance band is a great exercise tool that is definitely affordable, convenient and effective!
Available in Medium, Large and Extra Large Sizes, these bands are made of durable material that will last for years. It's also designed with anti-slip feature that's ideal to use in any part of your body. They give additional resistance challenge when performing natural movements, such as squats, slides and kicks, on your physical exercise program. This helps burn fat in more areas, increase strength more effectively, and tone your glutes within shorter time frame.
This exercise tool accelerates results when the additional 'load' is applied on your functional movements.
Get fit now with these cost-effective, portable and space-saving exercise tool, Shape Up Booty Bands.

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