Revolving Decompression Ball

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Color: Silver
Size: 2.16 inch
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Great way to get yourself relaxed or stay focused.

This precision-machined decompression toy creates a fascinating illusion when rotated. 

Great for creators, producers, thinkers and anyone who wants to unleash their inner creativity and imagination. It helps you stay focused, relieve the stress or relax during work hours or brainstorming.

Simply rotate it to show the amazing effect of a constantly flowing spiral.

A has this dynamic art that invites you to transform from a precisely designed static shape to a hypnotic optical illusion.

When rotated, it produces an almost magical effect. It can be rotated on any table or plane with anti-skid bottom. It features a sturdy body and smooth and spins quietly, so you don't bother anyone.

Add this to your desk as a toy for thoughts regrouping, calming down anxiety as you distract yourself or simply clear your mind.

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