Phyto Led B22 Hydroponic Growth Ligh

Color: MR16
Size: 60 LEDS 220V
Sale price$11.90


Product Specifications:

Product: plant growth lamp

LED Chip: 2835 SMD

LED Quantity: 48 LED s / 60 LED s

Input voltage: AC 220V

(Chip on the board) Life time: 50,000 hours

Base Type: E27 / E14 / B22 / GU10 / MR16

Spectral range of effects on plant physiology:

1.280 nm ~ 315 nm effect on morphological and physiological processes is minimal.

2.315 nm ~ 420nm chlorophyll absorbs a smaller photoperiod effect, prevents stem extension.

3.420 nm ~ 500 nm (blue) chlorophyll and carotenoids absorb the largest part, the largest effect on photosynthesis.

The dye absorption rate of 4,500 nm ~ nm is not high.

5.620nm ~ 750nm (red) The absorption rate of chlorophyll is "High", has a significant effect on the photosynthesis and photoperiod effect.

6.750 nm ~ 1000 nm absorption rate, stimulates cell elongation, the effect of flowering and seed germination.

7.> 1000 nm are converted to calories.


The full range that is necessary and necessary for growing plants and flowering (from sowing to harvest).

Plants are as 525nm green as they look. More healthy if the plants are green enough.

450nm blue and 630nm red accelerates leaf growth.

660nm red promotes flowering.

7000 k white will replace HPS, HID, MH.

Ideal for small growing boxes, awnings for growing, hydroponics, bonsai, garden, etc.

Comfortable, humane and highly efficient.

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