Multifunctional Dual Cup Holder Car Accessory

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Material: Matt Black
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Need more storage in your car for drinks, etc.? 

Try this multi-functional vehicle-mounted water cup drink holder.

One car cup holder can be replaced by two, and two beverages can be stored at the same time.

With the upper cup holder, you can store cell phones, drinks, and even instant noodles to make the most of the space and meet more storage requirements in your car.

Slip-Proof Cup Holder Bottom: If there is a gap between the installation position and the cup holder base, you should use a sponge pad to fill it, which can reduce vibration and make the cup holder more stable.

Driving Safety: This 2 in 1 car cup holder can save you countless hours so that you can find the dropped mobile phone or credit card without having to search between the seat and the center console.

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