Large Capacity Folding Travel Bags Waterproof

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Always Ready with this Smart Space-Saving Bag.

This large capacity foldable bag is the perfect day-to-day bag & the best companion in travel!

It features fixed strap design on the back that enables it to be placed on a top of a luggage easily.

It has the perfect size as well to be used as your personal bag. You can bring it with you at the plane or anywhere for convenient travel.

And when it's time to keep it, you can just fold it easily.

It's made with lightweight waterproof, tear-resistant fabric, so you don't have to worry about leaving creases or deforming the bag.

What's more is the brilliant idea of dry & wet separation that can hold your sweaty clothes and towel.

The bottom of the zipper hides the expansion function, allowing you to solve the trouble caused by too many or too few items during travel. 

Two zipper pockets and two Inside patch pocket and a wet and dry separation bag on the bag. It is enough for short trips and can easily accommodate 3-5 days of travel clothes.

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