HygeinePro™ - Hand Sanitizer Wristband Dispenser

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Maintain Hand Hygeine Anywhere.

Travel with HygeinePro™ Hand Sanitizer Wristband Dispenser. Keeps your daily essential sanitizer handy anytime.

Exhibiting a stylish watch-like look, you can never go wrong to add this to your everyday must have in today's setting. This refillable wristband dispenser is a fun wearable item that comes in variety of fresh splash of colors. At the same time, it stays true to its function of giving a convenient disinfectant. Ideal for people who frequently travel, working in healthcare and servise industries.

HygeinePro™ - Your On-The-Go Hand Sanitizer Wristband Dispenser. Keeping you safe anywhere, anytime.


  • Easy as 1-2-3: Select product of your choice and fill in the wristband dispenser. Close the cap firmly and that's it. Your good to go. To use, just squeeze easily on the top of the band to your desired amount.
  • Suitable for All Ages 7 & Up
  • Holds up to 6mL of liquid product.
  • Comes with two caps: one for watery liquids and the other for gel type liquids


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