Foldable Travel Baby Seat Booster

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Perfect for on-the-go parents, this travel-friendly baby seat booster is a great companion to assist anywhere you go. Not all the places have a high chair to provide, so having this seat booster enables you to recreate the idea of placing your child in one place while keeping them safe.

To juggle things while you keep your baby safe, that's also one thing for busy moms as they go for outside matters.

With this Foldable Baby Seat Booster, it takes just a few seconds to slide your little one safely. Give it two more clicks on the shoulder straps and you will have a baby that is happy, secure, safe. (All safety straps and stitch points are reinforced for added safety.)

Aside from these supportive features, using this seat booster assures sanitary for your baby. It features cozy and high-quality machine washable fabric for easy clean up. And with the lightweight material that its made from, the seat booster fits perfectly for easy foldable use. So, whenever you would need to go outside to dine-out, visit friends/family, travel and more this is your ideal partner you can bring just by anywhere.


Type A product:   About 50*73*43cm      

Type B product:   About 50*48cm

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