3-Mode Bathroom Shower Head

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Get the best shower experience with this 3-Mode Shower Head.

Even with the low water pressure, you can enjoy a shower experience with this high-pressure shower. It features beads that can make up a double filter system with slender and soft pinhole water and a filtered shower head. With this filter system, the water flow speed increases as well, with about 200% water pressure that stabilizes the water flow.


Mode 1 - Jetting- concentrated water, deep cleaning

Mode 2 - Rainfall- divergent water, cover the whole body

Mode 3 - Massage- water-intensive, invigorating shower laser perforated tech Saving water and increase pressure.

✓ The switch design makes your shower more comfortable, the push button is designed based on this concept

✓ Microperforated laser function with technology saves water and increases pressure

✓ Get smoother skin, reduce oil secretion, increase viability of cells, improve cleansing, and prevent hair loss

✓Lightweight and durable, removable design, suitable for men, women, children, and pets

✓ Easy installation, this shower head is very easy to install simply by screwing it into a shower hose. G1/2 interface adjust all international standard family hose

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