3 in 1 Ultrasonic Pet Dog Anti-Barking Training Device

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Drive Dog Instructions:

1. The test of driving the dog, the lighter catching fire, driving the dog gear, the flame facing the lighter will be tilted or extinguished, indicating that the product is qualified, and then find the more fierce dog, the horn on the dog's head 1-4M test The closer to the dog's head, the closer the distance, the better the dog gets.

2. Dog training stalls, according to your habits, training habits. For example, if you call 1 2 3 for a dog to eat, you use the machine to press 3 times in a row. It takes a long time. You press the dog 3 times to know that you need to eat.

3. Lighting is a flashlight

4. Remarks: Ultrasound is not universal and universal. Ultrasound speaks sound. Ultrasound is beyond human hearing and people cannot hear it. The machine can't press and press it quickly.

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