12/14/16cm Non-stick Aluminum Frying Pans

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Color: DIA 16cm
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Enjoy home cooking with this new non-stick pan made with aluminum alloy. You don't have to worry anymore about taking time washing your pans from scrubbing off stuck bits of what you fried. As you can imagine its very easy to clean with no extra effort.

Available in different exterior color, this frying pan features even heat distribution and retention which makes it great for searing any meat and poultry. This is made possible with a four-layer pan composed of High Temperature Resistant Layer, Aluminum Alloy Body, Scratch-resistant and Water-resistant Mineral Layer, and Non-stick Layer.

Now you can make it less hassle from frying to washing of your pans and experience a smooth, great home cooking time. Also, you can fully enjoy the food cooked perfectly on this New Nonstick Frying Pans. Ain't it perfect for cooking--specially this holiday?

Sizes: 12cm, 14cm, 16cm | Weight: 200g

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