10s 3D Mask Bracket

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Color: henry
Size: 10 pcs
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Feeling stuffy with mask on throughout the day? Wanting to prevent make-up smudge on your mask?

3D Mouth Mask Support gives you a better mask wearing experience based on this concerns. By providing an inner support frame or guard to hold up the fabric of the mask, the mask will not directly rubbing against your mouth or block your breathing space.

This will help you feel comfortable and breathe evenly. In addition, the under frame lipstick protector can also reduce the friction frequency to protect its lining from getting stained and keep your make-up in place. This mask is also carefully designed with nice fitting on the nose bridge.

With 3D Mouth Mask Support Breathing Assist, say yes with cleaner masks and clear, easy breathing. Available in different mask bracket structures in 10s.

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